“My job is to create and maintain financial
peace of mind for our clients.”

“Making sure you have enough when you’ve had enough.”

Michael Eugenio, CFP®

Welcome to Eugenio Financial

  • Eugenio Financial is a fee-only financial advisor, ensuring our interests will always be aligned with your objectives.
  • We provide Portfolio Management & Financial Planning, customized and personalized to fit your goals and flexible to adapt to changes in your life.
  • Our approach is consultative and comprehensive. It centers on an on-going personal relationship built on trust.
  • We serve pre-retirees 50+, retirees,  and people who have self-managed their investments and now see a need for an advisor.
  • Based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, we are licensed in Oregon and Washington.
    Prior to doing business in any other state, the firm will ensure all licensing requirements or exemptions from licensing are met.

Good portfolio management is based on solid financial planning.

We follow the Six Disciplines of a Good Financial Plan

  • Cash Flow

  • Tax Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Insurance Planning

  • Portfolio Management

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