Portfolio Management

Common-Sense, Steady, Long-Term Strategy

You are unique and so are your financial goals. Eugenio Financial gives your unique financial needs the personal attention they deserve. Our portfolio management approach is to take a steady, growth-oriented approach to your financial future. We manage your money by assessing and controlling the risk in your portfolio. Long term investment takes commitment and discipline.

Since we cannot predict the future of returns, we diversify your investments to best control the risk. We devise a game plan using both traditional investments such as stocks and bonds, and less traditional assets such as real estate and commodities. This diversity allows us flexibility when the market takes a downturn. We constantly monitor the market to help you stay on the path to your financial goals.

We are an asset-based management fee firm, so our compensation is directly linked to your investments. We are invested in you. To effectively give our clients the personal attention they deserve, we require a minimum account size of $100,000.

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