This is Why People Flunk Retirement

This article has also been distributed by Investopedia and Yahoo Finance! People flunk retirement today because they have failed to do many of the right things necessary to retire comfortably and with peace of mind Back in the 70’s and 80’s, retirement was simple.  At 65 you left your company with a guaranteed pension, Social Security and […]

Investopedia: Top 6 Expenses Cutting into Retirement Savings

Michael J Eugenio, CFP® was quoted in this article published by Investopedia today, September 15, 2017.  The article by Jim Probasco is directed at baby boomers hitting the retirement circuit without enough money saved. Among the Top 6 Expenses That Are Cutting into Retirement Savings, Mike’s quote was featured as the 2nd leading expense: 2. […]

Portfolio Management: Don’t Be Treated Like a Number

One-to-One Portfolio Management Everyone is different, everyone is unique, and so is everyone’s financial situation.  Having one-to-one contact with your own personal financial advisor is critical to successful portfolio management. Large financial advisory firms have many clients and those clients are often shuffled from advisor to advisor as people come and go and change departments […]

Other People’s Money (OPM) for Car a Purchase?

Let’s say you want to borrow Other People’s Money for a Car Purchase You go to Bank “A” and they quote you a variable rate of 6%.  You go to bank “B” and they quote you 1.9% fixed.  Which bank will you choose to do business with? Naturally you would choose Bank “B” The cost […]

Managing Cash Flow in Retirement – Critical to Portfolio Planning

Cash Flow Key Aspect of Portfolio Management One of the more critical aspects of Financial Planning and Portfolio Management, for both the client and the advisor, is to understand the client’s household Cash Flow. It is important to routinely track income and expenses to get a reliable base when doing Financial Planning, and especially important for […]