Read Eugenio Financial FAQs – Frequently Asked Question – to discover how we are unique.

How is your firm compensated?

Eugenio Financial is fee-only advisor, which means we earn a fee from clients for the assets under management, not for the investments we recommend.

We do not receive any commissions from transactions from any financial services companies. This prevents conflicts of interest.  We are not trying to win sales contests or an exotic trips.  Our advice is not dependent on a product sale.

What is a fiduciary duty?

Allegiance to a Fiduciary responsibility means always putting the clients best interest above all others.  We accomplish this through a bond of trust and always doing the right thing for the client.  This is the highest act of loyalty, trust and care as established by law.

It also means protecting the client from financial harm by doing proper due diligence and making decisions on behalf of the client that will promote their financial wellness.  It demands loyalty and reasonable care of the clients assets and interests.

What does a CFP® credential mean?

A CFP® is a Certified Financial Planner.  An advisor certified as a CFP has gone through a rigorous educational program where the advisor is trained and certified in all areas of finances including, understanding economics, cash flow, retirement planning including analyzing Social Security Income options, taxation, estate planning, insurance and investment management.

Before acquiring the CFP® designation we are tested in financial disciplines as well as sitting for a 2 day comprehensive exam.  A CFP Designate is held to the highest Fiduciary Standards.  To maintain the designation, 30 hours of continuing education in financial services is required every two years.

What is your investment approach?

Eugenio Financial believes investing is a long-term approach with the goal of achieving steady, consistent growth. This approach has several components.  First we need to fully understand and appreciate every aspect of the clients financial lives.  Additionally we need to understand what the client wants to accomplish financially.  What is often ignored by many advisors is understand the clients attitude and history with money.  We need to know what scares them.  Do they view money as an objective or a tool?  Only after taking the time to get fully acquainted can we start to build a portfolio.

Building portfolios is NOT about picking winners and losers.  It is not about reacting to the daily news.  It is about building a well-researched portfolio using several investment categories that allows us to take advantage of a broad spectrum of different invests.  This approach is better known as asset allocation.  By being disciplined to this approach we can avoid making decisions based on what is in the news.  We can stay disciplined to your goals.  Sounds trite, but we always keep the long term in mind and not fret about daily speed bumps. Buy low, sell high.

Our goal is to control risk and be properly compensated for investing your money with a reasonable and respectable rate of return.  We are not trying to beat some index.  We are trying to achieve balance and maintain peace of mind.  Our clients have told us many many times, that they pay us to do the worrying so they don’t have to.

This enduring approach has historically survived the most severe economic and market challenges.

How does the relationship work?

The relationship will only work if we work together as a team that can trust and cooperate with each other.  Financial Planning is a participatory relationship.  Regular communication is the key to keeping the relationship fully functioning.

How often do I get reports, updates?

How often we interact with the client is dependent on the amount of work we need to do.  We typically interact with our clients as often as a couple times a year to once a month.  You will always be kept informed about what’s happening with your account. Portfolios can be accessed through our secure website 24/7/365

Who will I work with?

When looking to hire any professional you may come to find out later that you’ve been passed off to one of the “associates in the office.”  Many of the larger firms will pass your portfolio to a “Money Manager” who will pool your money with thousands of your new best friends.  This money manager has never met you and doesn’t care about your personal goals and objectives.  Turns out your “Financial Advisor” is really nothing but a salesperson generating business for the money manager.

When you hire Michael Eugenio, you work directly with Michael Eugenio.  Your portfolios are custom built based on your goals, tolerance for risk and our relationship.  Nothing is farmed out.  You deal direct with the Money Manager- me.

If there is a need for other professionals such as legal or tax preparation, we have carefully developed relationships with other professionals.  We are engaged and at your side throughout the entire process

What is your client mix?

We serve pre-retirees 50+, retirees, and people who have self-managed their investments and now see a need for an advisor.


Why should I choose Eugenio Financial?

Eugenio Financial has been working with clients for over 25 years. Each client’s best interests are at the center of everything we do.  Our enduring long-term approach is to preserve capital and provide real portfolio growth, after adjustments for taxes and inflation.