Managing Cash Flow in Retirement – Critical to Portfolio Planning

Cash Flow Key Aspect of Portfolio Management One of the more critical aspects of Financial Planning and Portfolio Management, for both the client and the advisor, is to understand the client’s household Cash Flow. It is important to routinely track income and expenses to get a reliable base when doing Financial Planning, and especially important for […]

Warren Buffet Wisdom on The Market: Today or Any Day

Today the stock market had a crazy day with the S&P 500 dropping almost 2%. They blame Trump and the chaos surrounding his supposed cozy relationship with Russia. Let’s keep this in perspective.  The S&P 500 is up over 7% from Jan 2017 through May of 2017. If today was the last day of the […]

Robo Advisor vs. Financial Advisor

A big topic of conversation these days seems to revolve around the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence’ (AI)’ and Robotics. Autonomous cars are front and center, with several tech companies falling all over themselves to be the first to mass market driverless cars.  Smart Phones are no longer the next big thing, but part of our […]

Portfolio Construction – A Risk-Controlled Approach

This article also appears in Investopedia and Nasdaq On a daily basis, the talking heads want us to believe they have all the answers to portfolio construction or portfolio management. They prattle on that “The Dow is up 100 points, now’s the time to get in.”  “The Dow is down 250 points, now’s the time to get […]

Social Security Spousal Benefit – Rules Have Changed

This article also appears in Investopedia and Yahoo! Finance. In one of my previous Blogs I discussed the merits of possibly delaying your Social Security until age 70.  Under optimal conditions this could mean many more thousands of dollars for your retirement over your lifetime. Spousal Benefit One strategy that has been popular with spouses […]